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My Services

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in so many different industries and levels of business. I believe this has given me a unique perspective and knowledge which will allow me to find most of the troubles you and your business may be facing.

Time Managment

Sometimes working hard isn’t always working smart. I will go over daily activities to make sure you’re valuable time isn’t being wasted.

Conferences & shows

Networking can be easily overlooked but can also be essential to growing your business. I will do the leg work so you can just worry about the handshaking.

Business Budget

You may be the best at providing your service or producing your good but might lack in the accounting department. I’ll look over the cash flow to either trim fat or bulk up what gets the best bang for your buck.

Social Media Management

Arguably the most important tool a business can have to make their business successful. So much can be learned and implemented by making social media more of a priority.

Public Relations

Establishing your business in the community can be the most important relationship your business will make. Unlike marketing, public relations creates an unpaid, organic connection between a business and its customers.

Business Planning

Day to day tasks most likely take up most of your time, but planning for the future and making sure you stay on track can make or break your business. Lets set both short and long term goals to help keep the business motivated.

Why Me?

Just this past year, I have been able to help get my moms store and products seen by more than 750,000 subscribers of Country Sampler magazine. I also helped keep my brother busy by finding over 30 new customers and sales of over $10,000 a month for our new landscaping company. 

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