About Joe

My name is Joe and like Lebron James, I’m just another kid from Akron, Ohio. I like to think we have more things in common than where we were born, but being a good basketball player isn’t one. I’m currently 27 and like most my age, still trying to figure out life. After a few years of working for a golf course construction company, which allowed me to travel across the country and even out of the country, I am starting the next chapter of life. 

I was born in Akron and grew up 20 miles away in Northfield, which is apart of the Nordonia Hills school district. A lot of my earliest memories included either school, sports, or traveling to the different places mom and dad would drag me to. This makes sense because to this day I still love learning, playing or watching sports, and traveling.

While I was in high school, I was able to play four years of golf and hockey. A lot of who I am comes from the people and lessons I learned from these sports. After graduating from high school, I went on to college at the University of Akron spending a total of 5 years and a few extra loans I would rather not have taken out. To make up for some of the costs I got a job just down the road at Firestone Country club. After three years there, I fell in love with not just the game of golf, but also what is needed before the game is even played. 

If I wasn’t in class or on the course I played club hockey, two years of ice and two years on the roller hockey team my roommate and I started. I also had a small obsession with entrepreneurship and read just about every business related self help book you can think of. Probably should have read more textbooks because I left Akron a few classes shy of a Business Administration degree to take a job with the golf course construction company. 

I worked for Oliphant golf construction as an assistant superintendent for almost three years. While working for Oliphant, I was able to work on projects like Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach California; the complete construction of TPC Colorado just outside of Denver, Colorado; and lastly be apart of the consulting team overseeing the construction of Mickelson National just outside of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Things were really looking up and I felt pretty lucky to be where I was in life.

But as they say, “all good things come to an end” and my luck ran out. I was laid off. The company was downsizing the construction side of the company to put most of the focus on the management side. Life has a funny way of kicking you when your down sometimes and decided the layoff wasn’t enough. 

As I began to look for and consider new job offers, a childhood injury was found while getting treatment for back pain. After multiple trips to doctors, chiropractors, and specialists, I’m still unaware of what exactly is wrong with me. The specialists I am currently seeing think I have supra-scapular nerve entrapment and the treatment has given me hope that I will be pain free in the near future. So for the last year or so, I’ve been unable to do a lot of things I’d like to be able to do.  

When I’m not trying to fix my back, I have been trying to keep busy with a few things like helping the family with their endeavors. A couple of days a week I help my dad train standardbred racehorses for harness racing. It’s pretty amazing what he and the trainers can do with a thousand-pound animal. Its a lot of work and I wish I could do more to help. Big animals eat a lot. All that food eventually ends up somewhere and they don’t clean up after themselves. You can use your imagination or just trust me, It’s a lot of work. 

The other few days, I help my mom who just opened a home decor store called Seeking Serendipity. It has been her dream for a while so it’s really nice to be able to help with that. I put her website and Facebook together and help with all her marketing for the store. She’s been able to gain some recognition and has even found a spot in Country Sampler magazine. I also helped my brother start a small landscaping company called Fratelli Excavating and Landscapes. He worked for a tree service before this so he handles all of the hard work and leaves all the business matters to me. I’ve been able to keep him pretty busy getting jobs with the website and friends we have made in the area over the years.

As great as it is to help out the fam, it is not great at helping me put a dent in my school loans. With the lessons learned from my families small businesses and after doing some consulting for Oliphant, I believe I will bring a lot of value to others by consulting on my own. 

Just this past year, I have been able to help get my moms store and products seen by more than 750,000 subscribers of Country Sampler magazine. I also helped keep my brother busy by finding over 30 new customers and sales of over $10,000 a month for our new landscaping company. 

I am looking forward to getting out there to start bringing my value to others. I believe I have a lot to offer small business, as well as their owners and employees. Please check out and follow my social medias to learn even more!


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