The Making of Large Cup of Joe

Large Cup of Joe was born right after I had got done reading one of the most influential books I’ve read, The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Like many other people who read this book, they got online, bought a domain name, and schemed of ways to make a passive income from what they learned in the book. I got as far as the domain name and that was about it. At the time I figured if bought a domain name that I could use for something other than pushing yoga equipment and accessories or whatever else I would fail at selling, I could use it as a personal website to sell myself. The legal way.

The Joe part doesn’t take much imagination to figure out where that came from. But the whole “large cup of” thing took a bit more thinking. I wanted something that was a little catchy, relatable, and to have my name in it. Luckily, Joe is also another name for coffee and who doesn’t love a large cup of that in the morning. I planned on writing a blog in the morning, the blog being a “large” variety of random topics, and I’d enjoy a “cup of Joe.”

I’ll keep telling myself I’m creative and all of that makes sense but you can all think what you want but I’m gonna go with it.